Strength of only originator of Shisakuya, “Sanken Industry”


Originator of Shisakuya, “Sanken Industry” in Katsushika-ku of Tokyo has high-level lathe technique backed by experience and skill. We can process and mold both metals and resins. In addition, we can faithfully meet various needs of customers including prototypes of mechanical and exterior parts.
Technological capabilities and knowledge cultivated through years of experience are now our strengths. Here we will introduce the four strengths.

Strength1:Extensive experience and Achievements


Since the foundation in 1973, Sanken Industry has been producing prototypes from customers in various fields and business categories. From this experience, we have established technological expertise and know-how that can respond flexibly to any request.

If it is our company, there are abundant variations of materials that can be handled with metals, resins etc., and the processing methods are also proficient in various ways. Moreover, we can also receive consultation of "from design" that customers drop the image you have in shape firmly even if it is a rough or punch painting.

Strength2:Advanced technology


One of the skills of all our engineers is to produce jigs with the minimum specifications from the shape, quantity, delivery date etc. requested. We realize proposals that keep costs down while satisfying the needs of our customers. This can be said to be the result of creating a system that allows engineers to collaborate with each other In addition, our unique processing technology such as spiral (screw) and transparent processing is also being created.

Strength3:Quick response


We are building a network that strongly connects the field, sales and customers with each other so that salespeople always respond quickly. By doing this it is possible to do all the work without returning the office. While there are many customers who are stressed by the speed of salespeople's response, we are also building this relationship quickly with this network.

Strength4:Strong internal collaboration

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All of our staff share various information such as information, drawings, CAD data, inspection data, etc. requested by customers on our company network. Each of sales, technology and administrative updates of customers' information successively, we can always work on product creation in the latest state. Of course, this information is fully utilized even in examination scenes. Both are management systems that adhere to security and confidentiality obligation, so you can use with confidence.

Strength5:High motivation of employee


Sanken Industry is looking into the future development of the company, and we are conducting management that considers collaboration and sharing vision. We believe that all employees have common consciousness will lead to the enhancement of their brand power and the provision of homogeneous and advanced services to customers.

In recent years, we are making a system that can efficiently carry out sales by team system. We believe that creating a workable environment for many staff leads to motivation for work and, in turn, a good spiral that leads to quality of service to our customers.

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