Frequently asked questions on prototype production

Originator of Shisakuya, “Sanken Kogyo” in Katsushika-ku of Tokyo is engaged in molding and processing of metal and resin and has received requests of prototypes and model products of various components and parts including mechanical and exterior parts. On this page, we answer questions frequently asked to us in a Q&A form. If you have questions not listed in this page, please feel free to contact us.

Do you produce prototypes requested from a distant prefecture outside Kanto Area?

Of course, we do. Although we are operating mainly in Kanto where our head office and Atsugi factory are located, we accept requests from anywhere in Japan. After fully asking the detail of request, we will propose as much service as we can do. Please feel free to contact us.

How long does it take to complete prototypes after inquiry?

Usually, it takes about 10 days, which may vary depending on the content of request. We would be grateful if you individually make inquiry for details since the period varies according to detailed specifications and quantities of order.

This is a bet-the-company product, so I do not want you to leak the information. What measures do you take to observe confidentiality?

You can rest assured that we conclude non-disclosure agreement with each customer. In addition, we strictly observe confidentiality under our company rule for customers with whom agreement is not concluded.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We do not set out any conditions. You can make payment in any method.

I am thinking about requesting mass production of products in addition to trial production. Can you handle it?

Yes, we would gladly accept it. When you are satisfied with our prototypes, we will make arrangement of mass production. However, in some cases of too large quantities or for some shapes, we cannot respond to your request of mass production. Please individually inquire about details.

I do not understand types of processing, so I do not know how to place order.

We would like to know the detail first, so please contact us from the inquiry page. We provide service in which you can request design from a rough image, a rough sketch, or a cartoon. Please feel free to contact us.

If I am not satisfied with produced prototypes, can I ask production again?

We will promptly produce another prototype in the case of difference from the drawing.

I would like to obtain several patters of prototypes. Can you handle my request?

Yes, we can. Please let us know the detailed conditions when you make inquiry. The more we have detailed information, the more we can propose quotation in detail.

Can I request prototype production privately?

Of course, you can.

Do you handle materials other than metal and resin?

We can produce a mock-up from wood.

Please feel free to ask for request about prototyape

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