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We have techniques that meet your “necessity.” ~Rapid prototyping and Cast Molding~

Originator of Shisakuya, “Sanken Industry” handles rapid prototyping and cast molding to provide prototypes that satisfy needs of customers and demands of the times. In the era to come, further preciseness will be expected for mechanical and exterior components. Optical molding and cast molding will become an integral part of production of products that cannot be achieved with conventional processing technique.

We may handle processing and molding that other companies cannot handle. If you are interested in rapid prototyping and cast molding, please do contact us.

Sanken Industry’s Rapid prototyping and Cast Molding

We have been engaged in molding and processing of metal and resin at Katsushika-ku of Tokyo since our establishment in 1977. Together with our rapid prototyping and cast molding, our techniques have been highly evaluated as a production method of mechanical and exterior components. In particular, since we are frequently requested to apply optical molding to parts of precision mechanics, we are attaining experience of utilization to prototype production.

Although cast molding is inferior to cutting in terms of precision, a certain degree of size and precision can be obtained. By considering your request of quality level, cost and delivery date, etc., our experienced technical staff make proposal on whether master production of cutting cast molding is done by optical molding or cutting.

Production example of rapid prototypingand cast molding

Cover/functional component of printer
Cover/functional component of photocopy machine
Building air-conditioning system

What is rapid prototypingand cast molding?

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototypingis a processing method to create 3-D forms by using liquid resin which becomes solid when UV is applied. This method ensures rapid creation of precise 3D structure exactly the same as 3D data. However, products do not withstand shock depending on the resin used, and are poor in light resistance due to the nature of resin which is changed by UV. Therefore, full attention is required. This technique is often used to produce master model (prototype and model product) or to check shapes before mass production.

Cast Molding

This is also known as cast. 3D forms are created by pouring resin or rubber in a mold in this method, and the big advantage is uniformity in molding. Since only dozens of cast molding products are obtained in one mold, this method is suitable for small lot production. Since coloring is possible for many of the materials in this method, this method is used when multiple same products are required to check color variation.

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