Special technology


Special processing only Shisakuya,
“Sanken Industry” can do ~Spiral (screw) and Transparency Processing~

Since its establishment in 1977, originator of Shisakuya, “Sanken Industry” in Katsushika-ku of Tokyo has been received requests of prototype production by customers from a wide range of areas. With our techniques cultivated and refined through these experiences, we have developed our own special processing, that is spiral (screw) and transparency processing. We provide a wide variety of ideas unique to us as a prototype production company beyond the category boundary.

Sanken Industry’s special technique

Spiral and Screw

Spiral (screw) processing includes processing of various shapes, and we boast of extensive experiences. We propose the most suitable processing method in response to your request on shapes, number of pieces, delivery date, budget, etc. Although our spiral (screw) processing has requirements as shown below, we may handle other requests depending on conditions you present. Please feel free to contact us.

Spiral and Screw

Screw directly attached on the center SUS axis

Spiral and Screw

Spiral partially processed by lathe

Spiral and Screw Spiral and Screw
  • Approx. 4 to 40mm in diameter
  • Long products of 1,000mm in length or more can be handled.
  • Material: all types of resin, some metals (brass, aluminum)
  • We can process 50 pieces a day.
  • We can process screws with partial gradual change.
Transparency processing

We can deliver transparency level of resin processing that fits your purpose. Some products require completely clear transparency, and other products require transparency only to see mechanical parts of prototypes. We can present a lower cost while fully satisfying your request based on our long experience. If you have request, please do contact us.

Transparency processing Transparency processing
  • Enabling surface processing (not polished) to obtain transparency without changing the size
  • Almost any additional cost is not required.
  • Thin pipes can be made transparent.

※The above cannot be applied to some shapes.

Please feel free ask for request about about special technology spiral(screw)and transparent treatment.

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